REL SUBWOOFERS – Free Home Trial offer

May 12th, 2015


Experience what a REL Subwoofer can do for your Hi-Fi system by availing of our free home trial offer – just call us on 01 2888477 to organize your free home demo!

REL the premier Sub Woofer company are well known for producing high quality Sub Woofers which will audibly improve just about any Hi-Fi Stereo or Home Cinema system.

5 Star reviews from all the world’s leading Hi-Fi press only tell part of the story as was demonstrated by Kevin from REL some months back when he asked me to find a full range high quality speaker which definitely did not need the help of a Sub.

So we set up a system using Harbeth Monitor 30.1’s  as the main speakers and a REL R328 Subwoofer (now replaced with new models S2 at £999,00 or S3 at £1299,00).  I left Kevin to get on with the set-up – correct speaker Sub matching is critical regarding both the volume level of the Sub and the crossover frequency,  this  takes time but pays off especially in the case of a high quality sub like  a REL.

After about 20 minutes Kevin called me in to the room and played some music which I was familiar with which sounded really good,  I know Harbeths can sound great so I asked him to turn the Sub woofer on to hear what it could add  – he turned it off as it had been on all along – and now the system sounded o/k but nothing like before!

This was a clear demonstration of how even the best speakers can be improved by the addition of a decent Sub Woofer. A friend of mine Eugene uses 2 REL subs with Bowers & Wilkins 804 Diamonds and his system sounds really good as he has been very careful with the set-up. Eugene is an ex-airline pilot and tends to be critical the way he goes about things in general!


On the subject of setting up a Sub Woofer properly this is not difficult as it just means making large adjustments initially followed by more subtle ones later leading to the perfect integration between the main speakers and sub. Done properly in a Hi-Fi system one should not be aware of the Sub – until is switched off – then you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Rel Sub Woofers are very reasonably priced starting at just over €400,00 for the TZero (depending  on currency exchange rates)  which is tiny and will fit in to any existing location.