Why not dust down your old vinyl from your attic and enjoy the music you grew up with the way it was meant to be heard? Adding a turntable to your music system is easy and fun!

Clearaudio Concept turntable

The multi-award winning Clearaudio Concept Turntable sets a new standard in turntable manufacturing. It is equipped with an innovative tonearm with a friction free magnetic bearing and a high quality moving magnet cartridge. All adjustments are already completed at the Clearaudio factory, even the tracking- and antiscating force are adjusted.

This genuine, timeless and modern design guarantees a flawless musical enjoyment for decades. CONCEPT = Innovative concept at a very attractive price quality ratio


Dual 415-2

Fully automatic, belt-drive; DC motor with electronic speed control, 33/45 RPM, rumble interference voltage 40 dB, transfer range 20 Hz – 18 kHz; floating subchassis; aluminum platter with anti-static felt mat, fixed headshell; preset tracking force, balanced tonearm with damped arm lift; auto stop with tonearm return, magnetic cartridge included (DMS 251 S), 44x11x36 cm, 3.6 kgs.


Dual 460

Fully automatic, belt-drive, DC motor with electronic speed control, 33/45/78 RPM; rumble interference voltage 48 dB, transfer range 20 Hz -22 kHz, floating subchassis, vibration damped aluminum platter, adjustable tracking force and anti-skating; removable carbon fibre headshell, cardan bearing arm, damped toneam lift / auto tonearm cueing mechanism; included Ortofon OMB 10 cartridge, 44×11.9×36 cm, 5.8 kgs.


Clearaudio Performance package

With the Performance SE, Clearaudio enters a new market area of the very highest quality of fit and forget, easy to use product. The package is specially created for music lovers who are searching for an unbeatable listening experience, while avoiding compatibility problems or the need for specialist technical help.

High quality precision turntables need expertise in matching their component parts, but Clearaudio do this at the design stage, ensuring that this combination always leads to highly addictive listening sessions.

Still up there with the best, the Performance doesn’t fade with time.
What Hi-Fi

Van Den Hul Cartridges

As with hi cables AJ VdH’s phono cartridges offer an unsurpassed mix of value for money and performance. This is partly because of their exceptionally long stylus life – frequently double that of competitors. And because they are all built by hand, VdH can retip and rebuild their cartridges for a fraction of the price of a new replacement. A retipping service is also available for other cartridges – please consult us for advice about your cartridge. Highlights of the range are the Mc One, the recently upgraded Frog and the supreme Condor.

Rega 1 Performance Pack

Want to take the performance of your award winning RP1 turntable to the next level? The RP1 Performance Pack can be purchased as an aftermarket kit or ordered factory fitted to your RP1 turntable.

Included in the pack:

  • Bias 2 moving magnet cartridge
  • Upgrade drive belt
  • 100% natural wool turntable mat

Rega RP3

The multi award winning RP3 is the latest incarnation of the world famous Planar 3. Delivering serious performance at an unbeatable price, the RP3 guarantees to integrate into any hi-fi system effortlessly. The RP3 uses our lightweight high rigidity plinth design, a float glass platter, precision bearing and our unique double brace technology, all mounted with the hand assembled RB303 tonearm.

The RP3 with Elys2 cartridge has been awarded ‘Product of the year’ for 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 by WHAT HI-FI magazine.

Rega RP6

The RP6, another multi award winning turntable design, is available in three stunning high gloss piano finishes. Incorporating many advanced features, the RP6 boasts some major advances in platter and motor control technology.