Audiophile speakers

A perfect speaker wouldn’t sound like a speaker. That’s the goal after all, the speaker should disappear and we should just hear the sound. With perfect speakers the instruments and voices on the recording would sound life-size and completely believable.

Bowers & Wilkins

Cloney Audio are proud to be B&W’s Irish distributors since 1968.  The music you last listened to was probably made using B&W speakers as the music industry’s leading professionals such as Abbey Road Studios, Decca,  DG and others including Skywalker studios use Bowers & Wilkins as their reference speakers. And you can also own B&W speakers – priced from less than €499.00 a pair – right up to the Nautilus at €67,995 a pair!

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Q Acoustics

The design brief for Q Acoustics products is very straightforward.They aim to design and produce the very best affordable loudspeakers in the world. And the results speak for themselves. Everyone agrees that Q Acoustics products deliver a sonic performance unequaled at their price. So if you are contemplating your first foray into the world of hi-fi and want to hear the difference in music reproduction while keeping your costs down – the products from Q Acoustics definitely deserve a demo.

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System Audio

Produced in Denmark System Audio speakers are typically Scandinavian – elegant and very stylish, they just happen to sound very good too! Take the Aura One, for example, a tiny bookshelf speaker with a huge soundstage and great sound quality – because the Aura One is easy to drive, it plays loud when required and sounds very refined – just like it’s bigger System Audio companions!

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Harbeth are one of the industry’s most highly regarded loudspeaker manufacturers.  Heavily BBC influenced designs include the tiny P3ES and larger Compact 7 and 30.1 monitor,  Harbeth speakers are used by some of the best known hi-fi reviewers in the business, both in Europe and  America where a number of the top High End press reviewers use Harbeth as their reference speakers.

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Spendor is one of the renowned manufacturers of high-end audio systems. Spendor speakers are well-known for their superb reproduction. Over the years, the company has designed and marketed a wide range of high-quality speakers, gaining immense respect for their high-end models like the classic LS3/5. Spendor designs have acquired cult status internationally amongst discerning audiophiles and sound engineers.

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In 1957, the company made history when they released the world’s first production full frequency range electrostatic loudspeaker – ESL-57 – which was renowned for sonic transparency and very low distortion.

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