iPod & Computer Audio

A great way to get into serious sound with a small footprint, these systems are discreet and offer class leading performance. Why not call in and have a demonstration?

B&W Zeppelin Air
A step up from the original Zeppelin in so many ways, a must-hear for dock buyers.
What Hi-Fi

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin™ re-wrote the rules for iPod® speaker docks. Now Zeppelin Air provides another seismic shift in audio performance. It retains the original’s classic shape, but internally Zeppelin Air has been completely redesigned. The result is the best sounding iPod speaker ever produced.

Compared to the original multi-award winning Zeppelin it has improved dynamics, punchier bass, and a more open, lifelike presentation with a highly detailed, room-filling sound.

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B & W Zeppelin Wireless
Iconic design and great performance make the Wireless the best Zeppelin yet.

In 2008 Bowers & Wilkins re-wrote the rules for iPod® speaker docks delivering the very first Zeppelin . This proved to be a benchmark far all other speaker docks to follow.

This year Bowers & Wilkins stepped away from the “Dock” format and released the Zeppelin Wireless. A completely redesigned model from the frame to the speakers. This new addition now includes both Wifi (Airplay) and Bluetooth for even greater connectivity

“Zeppelin Wireless merges state-of-the-art technology with seamless wireless connectivity to bring a new standard of sound into your home”

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B&W MM1 speakers

MM-1s aren’t like other computer speakers. They’re true hi-fi speakers, shrunk to fit on your desktop. So they don’t just look great – they sound amazing, transforming your computer into a superb hi-fi stereo sound system. But then you’d expect nothing less from the makers of the award-winning Zeppelin iPod speaker, not to mention some of the most advanced studio speakers in the world.


A5 Wireless System with AirPlay

Purity, simplicity, stunning sound. A5 is built from the ground up to deliver the best in high-quality audio and intuitive wireless streaming from Apple’s AirPlay®, in a discreet system that fits almost anywhere.

Think of a tune, then play it – instantly. Apple’s AirPlay wirelessly streams music from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® straight to A5. It can stream from iTunes on a networked Mac or PC too – high-quality, lossless audio files as well as MP3s. You control your music, wherever you are, via your device. It’s time to set your music free.


A7 Wireless System with AirPlay

The ultimate wireless music system. A7 uniquely combines our highest-quality audio engineering and best-in-class electronics with wireless Apple AirPlay® streaming. A7 is a fully-fledged streaming hi-fi in a single, discreet unit.


Bowers & Wilkins T7 Wireless

Bowers and Wilkins bring their extensive sound engineering skills to the portable speaker market . The T7 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a sound quality unlike anything in its class. With an average 18 hour playback time from a single charge, it’s quite understandable how popular the T7 has become.

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