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Cloney Audio has always prided itself in its ability, determination and drive to present our customers with a wide range of hi-fi products at all price points. If you want to discover just how good your music collection can sound or want to take the sound quality of your home stereo up a notch – our Home Hi-Fi page is a good place to start.

Call us to arrange a demo, bring your favorite CDs (or other sources of music such as iPad/iPhone), sit back and become engrossed in music. We shall be able to advise you on matching components, integrating them into your existing setup, upgrade path and many other aspects of sound reproduction. The most important thing is to help you to select a system you will enjoy for years to come.

CD Players

While recently digital sources became legitimate hi-fi sources (especially with an arrival of lossless streaming services such as Qobuz) for many CD still remains the ultimate mix of sound quality and convenience. If you have a great CD collection you owe to yourself to try some of these players.


The amplifiers of today are a versatile bunch.  Not only would they allow you to connect to them a CD Player or a turntable but some of them support the latest streaming technologies such as Apple’s Airplay or Bluetooth while others may have networking capabilities. The only thing that did not change in our selection is a dedication to high fidelity sound. Whether you listen to the music on CDs or via Spotify we promise that you will hear the difference.