No-one gets you closer to the true sound of your music than Bowers & Wilkins. And now you can enjoy the same experience wherever you are with their mobile hi-fi headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 (Over ear) €399.00

A truly immersive sound combined with the luxurious comfort and impeccable build quality you expect from Bowers & Wilkins. “B&W” have drawn on everything they know about speaker technology and created a new standard for portable hi-fi sound quality. Shop Online

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless (Over ear) €399.00

P5 s2 performance but no wires! P5 Wireless with aptX Bluetooth sets a new standard for audio quality and convenience. With universal compatibility (can be used wired or wireless) 17 hour battery (maximum) and P5’s award-winning drivers and materials, wireless Hi-Fi headphones are here at last.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2 €299.00 (Over ear)

The new P5’s features an all-new drive unit design that raises sound quality to new levels. Specially developed ultra-linear neodymium magnets and highly optimised Mylar diaphragms keep music sounding rich, pure and incredibly detailed, with no need for artificial adjustments.

Bowers & Wilkins P3 €199.00 (Over ear)

P3 combines pristine audio performance with maximum wearability. These slimline headphones fit lightly and snugly on your head, and fold up to stow away in your pocket or their own hard-shell carry case. And they produce a remarkably natural, detailed sound on the move, thanks to some major technological innovations that reduce distortion to a minimum. Shop Online

Bowers & Wilkins C5 €179.00 (In ear)

Comfort and quality of fit are vital elements in an in-ear headphone. C5 ensures both with the introduction of the proprietary Secure Loop design, an ingenious innovation where a cushioned loop fixes quickly and comfortably in the inner ridge of your ear. This, together with the tungsten balanced design, holds C5 in place for improved sound, and also makes it ideal for use on the move and during activities.

Arcam rPac (Combined Headphone Amplifier & DAC)

R-pacMeet the award-winning Arcam rPAC, the Personal Audio Converter that will transform your computer-based music – at home, at work, or on the move.

We’re all playing more music from computers – stored on their hard drives or streamed from online services such as Spotify – but Macs and PCs simply aren’t optimised for audio enjoyment.

Simply connect the rPAC to your computer (Windows XP, 7 or Mac OSX – please note Linux is not supported by the rPAC) using the supplied USB cable, then either on to an audio system via a standard RCA lead (also included), or out to headphones. Lovers of the latter are well served by the rPAC, which features a high-quality headphone amp, complete with volume controls.

It’s that simple. No batteries or mains needed. We even give you a carry case to help you on your way to better audio, anywhere.


Arcam Musicboost

Arcam Musicboost

Since smartphones have become a big “thing”, people demand allot more from them –better camera, faster processors, more storage etc. In this user driven market the two core feature are often ignored or done poorly: Sound & Power (battery)…but not anymore!

Enter the Arcam MusicBOOST

Designed for the iPhone 6/6s: it’s a one stop shop for an integrated battery pack, DAC and headphone amplifier. It fully recharges the iPhone 6/6S battery with up to 120% extra battery life using its own 2800mAh capacity battery. An integrated high precision DAC (Texas Instruments PCM1502) with dedicated headphone amplifier (3.5mm) for high quality sound while adding soft touch sleeve to help protect your iPhone. One of the other benefits of using the Arcam as a DAC, means you are no longer restricted to playing just 16 bit, 24 bit music now accessible through apps such as the  Onkyo HF Player , which when used in conjunction with the MusicBOOST , gives you the ability to turn your iPhone into a portable high resolution player.

Why not give your ears a treat!

Currently available from €159