Are cables important? Absolutely!!!

Cabling your system up with the right wires will greatly enhance your systems performance and bring you even closer to the music. We stock a wide range of high quality audio cables and are happy to help you select the right cable for your system. Cables can be used as subtle tone controls, for example: softening up your speakers high frequency or adding more sparkle. With our experience we can help you make your HiFi system perform at its very best.


Nordost is one of the world’s most highly regarded hi-fi cable makers famous for both interconnect and speaker cables.  In recent times Nordost  have been concentrating on the importance of mains power cords.  The Nordost Blue Heaven power cord is well established as an entry level cable offering instant sonic improvement for any hi-fi system – now joined by Red Dawn and Heimdall power cords which bring about even greater improvement in sound quality – it all begins at the mains supply so it is vital to get things right at the source!

Van Den Hul

The VDH range of cables covers pretty much every possible price point, from entry to level to the highest of high end. But all share a supremely natural sound. There is no hype, no artificial detail, just a sound that will keep you listening for hours on end.

One of VdH’s real innovations is their use of cables which use pure carbon instead of metal. Real classics in the range are the First and Second interconnects. At just a few hundred euro, these cables offer astonishing performance. It has taken AJ VdH almost two decades of research to transcend their performance with his new range of hybrid cables, the waterfall, mountain etc. As well as getting even closer to the ultimate in listening they overcome the one limitation of the original carbon cables, namely their unsuitability for long cable runs. And while these cables are not inexpensive, they still represent remarkable value for money given their performance. All VdH cables are available in single ended and balanced format.

Tellurium Q

All cable makers have their own story as to how their products can improve your Hi-Fi or A/V Sound and Vision system, however one UK manufacturer – Tellurium Q  – discovered something different in cable behavior called Phase Distortion and judging by the large number of very positive reviews they have picked up –   are definitely on to something!

In common with all other cable manufacturers Tellurium will not divulge exactly what they discovered but the end result clearly can be heard as their cables present the listener with a natural unforced musical presentation which sounds a lot more like the real live musical event than some others who focus more of a Hi-Fi type presentation. These unique cables are reasonably priced with, for example, the recently introduced Ultra Blue Speaker cable selling at £31,00 per linear Metre which means a 3 Mtr pair works out at a very reasonable price of €264.- fully terminated with high quality Tellurium Z plugs. Of course there’s a matching range of high quality interconnects, USB and Power cables on offer.

Going up the scale to the higher level Speaker cables such as Black (£49.99 per mtr),  Silver (£96.00 per mtr) Green (£170.00 per mtr) or even Ultra Black at £260.00 per mtr in performance versus price ratio these cables represent very good value for money.

Popular cables:

Van Den Hul The Name Audio Interconnect                                €69.00

Van Den Hul The River Audio Interconnect                                €229.00

Nordost White Lightning Audio Interconnect                             €170.00

Nordost Puprle Flare Audio Interconnect                                   €235.00

Nordost Blue Heaven Audio Interconnect                                  €319.00

Nordost Red Dawn Audio Interconnect                                      €455.00

Nordost White Lightning 3m Speaker Cable (Stereo Pair)    €375.00

Nordost Norse Bi-wire Jumpers                                                  €145.00

Nordost Blue Heaven 1m Power Cord                                       €185.00

Nordost Heimdell 1m Power Cable                                            €599.00