Equipment Racks

Here at Cloney Audio we understand the importance of isolating and supporting your HiFi / Home cinema equipment correctly. Isolating the equipment will reduce the vibrations within the hardware and clean up the sound by reducing the amount of “noise” induced on the circuitry of your system. It is best practice to locate the heaviest hardware on the base of your equipment rack and the lighter hardware on top. Turntables need special attention to their isolation as they are more susceptible to picking up vibration created by your speakers and other sources.

Both Finite Elemente & HiFi Racks manufacture excellent solutions for all of these problems, further isolation can be achieved by the use of Nordosts Sort Kones under various pieces of electronics – a minimum of 3 Sort Kones will be required under each piece of electronics.

Nordost Sort Kone (Aluminium/Steel)                                 €60.00 Each

Nordost Sort Kone (Aluminium/Ceramic)                           €75.00 Each

Nordost Sort Kone (Bronze/Ceramic)                                  €125.00 Each

Nordost Sort Kone (Titanium/Ceramic)                               €320.00 Each

HiFi Racks Podium Reference                                             €189.00 Per Tier

Finite Elemente Tragwerk                                                      €229.00 Per Tier

Mains Purification

We live in a world where radiated pollution, instability and interference undermine both the AC line quality and the signals within our equipment, seriously affecting the performance of electronic systems. Quantum Resonant Technology provides a unique and uncompromised approach to the treatment of AC mains power and magnetic field effects in critical signal applications. Quantum’s proprietary, modular circuit delivers proven, measurable results without the negative effects that limit the performance of more conventional approaches.

The Problem

When we listen to music through a hi-fi system or watch a movie on a home theatre, what we are actually hearing and seeing is the power supplies that drive that system, and on an even more fundamental level, the power that is fed to those supplies. It’s a lesson the hi-fi industry has been slow to learn and even slower to deal with. Basic hardware like AC mains cords have only recently made it onto the hi-fi set-up agenda. Yet, the quality of the electricity reaching your system is critical to its performance, with EMF noise and waveform distortion all undermining the performance of those expensive hi-fi components you’ve invested in.

Whilst conventional filters can limit the destructive impact of these problems, they impose their own associated performance costs, raising the source impedance and reducing the peak current capabilities of the AC line. These limitations cause their own readily audible or visible side effects, limiting musical dynamics and robbing images of depth and color.

The Answer

QRT’s proprietary circuitry acts at the source of the problem, reducing EMF noise and RFI interference effects on the mains waveform, audio and video signals – and it does it without limiting the voltage swing or altering the impedance of the AC supply. Which makes the job of your hi-fi’s power supplies and active components much, much easier – and that’s what you hear from your system or see on your screen. Use a QRT purifier and you’ll experience a lower noise floor, greater clarity and separation and increased dynamic range, qualities that are just as apparent (and measurable) when it comes to the color, definition and detail on your AV display as they are in the context of a really great stereo set up. The result? Greater overall musical and visual coherence, more stable perspectives, greater realism.

Nordost Qx2 Power Purifier                                                    €1,295.00

Nordost Qx4 Power Purifier                                                    €1,899.00

Nordost Qb6 Distribution Block                                             €1,049.00