May 14th, 2016



Many years ago NAD appeared on the hi-fi scene with an entry level stereo amplifier called the 3020. This amazing product shocked and stunned all who heard it – delivering far better sound quality than amplifiers costing double the price and going a lot louder with ease than the  figures suggested. The amazing 3020 went on to become the biggest selling hi-fi product of all time – more than one million were produced, a good portion of which are still in use today!


Hi-Fi News & Record Review magazine classed the current NAD 316BEE as “An outstanding product” commenting “The 316 is an absolute barnstormer of an amplifier mixing surprising might with a rich and easy flowing sound that is impossible not to like. This amp rocks…”

The NAD 316 puts out a lot more power than the 40 watt per channel specifications suggest : Stereophile magazine measuring short term unclipped output of not far short of 100 watts per channel!

Hi-Fi News summed the 316 up by commenting “Like the 3020 before it, this integrated is sonic gold”.

Refinement, plenty of power & great reliability inclusive of a 5 year guarantee – the NAD 316 is on demonstration and in stock now priced at only €319

The original NAD 3020 amplifier was an outstanding product and the new D3020 is equally good for the following reasons.

The stated power output of 30 watts per channel into 8 ohms is easily met and exceeded with some hi-fi mags measuring more like 50 per channel or more – in addition the D3020 includes a high quality on board Dac meaning music stored on your PC etc can be played back sounding at it’s best and with Optical and Digital inputs a variety of sources can be used including most modern TV’s. The amplifier also includes aptX Bluetooth so music can be replayed from your Smartphone or iPad or any Bluetooth equipped device – without cables.

Being very compact and cool running the D3020 will fit into almost location – and like it’s older brother will always satisfy!

NAD D3020 on demonstration and in stock at €549




We first started selling Rotel products back in the early eighties and even at that early stage it was clear Rotel products were good sounding, well made and very reliable.


This is especially so in the case of their RA Series of products with the RA10 stereo integrated being the entry level model.  Featuring a decent onboard phono stage, switchable 2 pairs of speakers plus plenty of line inputs including a front panel media input for iPod or mobile phone use. In addition the RA10 puts out 40 watts per channel into 8 ohms – this figure being very conservative – because in real terms it packs more punch than the numbers suggest.

The ROTEL RA 10 is on demonstration and in stock now at €499


similar in many respects to the 10, however in addition this model features an onboard high quality Wolfson 24/192Khz Dac and Aptx Bluetooth which allows wireless operation from smart phones iPad’s etc along with a MM phonostage with 4 digital inputs ( two optical – two coaxial) and 4 analogue . Making this a great all rounder stereo amplifier

The ROTEL RA11 is on demonstration and in stock now at €629


The Rotel RA12 is basically similar to the RA11, however has a rated power output of 60 Watts per channel into 8 ohms, in practice due to its more highly developed power supply this model is suitable for even more demanding speakers.

The ROTEL RA12 is priced at €769




Forty years ago A&R of Cambridge launched their first stereo integrated amplifier the A60. Priced at under £200.00 it was a natural step up from the best budget amp on the market at the time – the Nad 3020.

The A60 offered somewhat more power, sounded very refined with a very engaging musical quality which was instantly liked by discerning listeners the world over.

A&R went on to become Arcam one of the industry’s favourite home entertainment makers – always producing accurate, musical reliable amplifiers, the present day A19 being a perfect example.


On paper you get 50 watts per channel, lots of inputs including front panel input for Mp3/ iPhone etc plus a very good quality onboard phono stage and headphone socket.

It is no surprise the A19 is “What Hi-Fi” magazines concurrent amplifier of the year for the second year!

Follow that up with America’s “Stereophile” magazine comments “If you’re looking to spend up to $1500,00 on a good integrated amp,   Arcams A19 should be at the top of your list!”

ARCAM FMJ A19 now on demonstration and in stock at €799



The A29 uses Arcam’s unique Class G amplification – which is similar to pure Class A operation , in practice makes the unit sounds really smooth and refined as Class G avoids the type of distortion common in Class B designs.

With a solid 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 175 watts into 4 ohms the A29 is no slouch!

This superb amplifier represents exceptional value for money – commenting on the A29 “What Hi-Fi” magazine said “The A29 sounds huge, more like a unit with hundreds of watts at its disposal with a sense of authority no rival can match”

ARCAM A29 is very well priced at €1399



At  120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and a whopping 240 into 4 ohms the A39 is capable of driving the most demanding speakers while effectively operating in pure Class A up to 20 watts per channel,  this is due to Arcam’s unique Class G operating system – which in layman’s terms means music is presented is a dramatically accurate manner – subtle sounds sound as they should and when called for the gloves come off, rock, pop, jazz or large orchestral works sound as if you are there!

ARCAM A39 is great value at €1995




Founded by the late Peter Walker in 1936 Quad is one of the world’s longest established most highly respected hi-fi companies.

Known worldwide not only for fine audio amplification Quad are well known for their superb Electrostatic speakers – the original ESL 57 for many represents the pinnacle of loudspeaker design.

When you have speakers as good – and demanding to drive as this only the best amplification will be good enough – and Quad have a long history in this area going right back to the Valve Quad 2, 33/303, 34/44/405 – many of which are still in use today both in domestic applications and professional locations such as radio & TV stations etc.


This is Quad’s latest integrated stereo amplifier featuring 45 watts per channel into 8 ohms, an onboard high quality Dac with 2 Optical inputs, USB A type input and USB B type inputs, I RCA Coax digital input and two analogue inputs – plus Bluetooth aptX – so this is a very complete amplifier.

Sound quality is typical Quad like being smooth, clean with plenty of power in reserve – far more than the published figures suggest.


QUAD VENA is on demonstration and in stock priced at €799 in Lancaster Grey

Or €899 in optional piano black of Saple Maghony  – you will want the optional finish!




Rega was founded in 1973, their company’s name was formed of the initials of its two founders (RElph & GAndy).Rega has a long history of its iconic Planar turntables, cartridges, and tonearms, they also produce a range of amazing “little” amplifiers

Rega’s entry level integrated amplifier: Brio – R is fast, clean and more dynamic than the 50 watts per

channel might suggest. Naturally the Brio-R includes a decent MM phono stage – as you would expect!

REGA BRIO- R is priced at €730


Rega’s award winning Elex – R provides more power and control than the BRIO with a conservative 72 watts per channel available at 8 ohms this amplifier can be used with almost any speaker and like the BRIO comes with an excellent onboard phono stage.

The ELEX-R is priced at €1198



The Elict -R puts out 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms and provides even more control and drive than the Elex – in fact the stated power output is very understated with terrific slam available even with difficult speaker loads – and of course there’s an excellent onboard phono stage included!

REGA ELICT-R is priced at €2129




Nait5iNAIT 5i

While it  may be  Naim’s entry level amplifier but still manages to provide that unique Naim Audio sound presentation best described as confident, vivid with tremendous pace and timing – a long standing Naim Audio attribute. As with many others the claimed 50 watts per channel sounds like more – quite a lot more!

NAIM NAIT 5i is on demonstration and available at €1399



The Naim XS2 is a more powerful amplifier than the Nait 5i. Rated at 70 watts per channel the XS2 which not only goes louder than it’s little brother but is also more refined with greater depth and sound staging with even better timing – in fact “pace, rhythm and timing” are what Naim amps are famous for as the XS 2 easily demonstrates.


NAIM  XS2  is priced at €2599




Devialet stunned all in the industry a few years ago when they launched their brand new series of high end stereo amplifiers.

Starting with a clean sheet Devialet completely change how hi-fi should look – or sound. Visually there’s nothing else like Devialet amplification – from the 120 model up you get a really slim elegant package which looks nothing like what one would expect a conventional stereo amplifier to look like – and that’s only the beginning!


Housed inside this super slim box is a very high quality Class A amplifier with a high powered companion amplifier sitting in the wings – which comes into play only when needed, which happens to be less often than you would expect, this system of operation is unique to Devialet and called ADH, in addition there’s a state of the art on board Dac included.

The transition between the two is sonically invisible and the end result is sensational – as the world’s Hi-Fi press found. Digital inputs plus line inputs are included as well as a great phono stage featuring Devialet’s RAM technology.

Devialet amplifiers also include SAM speaker matching meaning a wide range of speakers can be accurately matched to the amplifier – a world first with B&W 800 series being one of first to work with this clever system – with SAM matching the difference is clearly heard and feels like you just upgraded your speakers!

In fact one of the nice things about these amazing amplifiers is the fact they can be upgraded at any time simply by taking the on board SIM card to your PC,  connect to Devialet’s website  and once connected your amp is automatically upgraded or accurately matched to your speakers – free of charge!

The 120 puts out a solid 120 watts per channel and can also be configured to tailored from 30 to 120 watts per channel.

All Devialet amplifiers come with beautifully made remote control, the like of which you would expect to find in the house of Cartier!

Devialet 120 is on demonstration and in stock at €4990



The Devialet 200 is similar to the 120 – with 200 watts per channel, which can also be configured to operate from 30 watts to 200 per channel.  In addition to the features found on the 120 the 200 also includes a state of the art MM/MC phono stage which can be accurately matched to the actual phone cartridge in use including loading parameters and max output level of the cartridge. RAM phono stage as described by Devialet also allows the user access to several equalisation curves including AES, NAB, RCA, COLOMBIA, EMI, DECCA etc – this phono stage has been favourably compared with the very best stand alone phono stages costing up to $12000,00! It’s no surprise that the 200 can also be “mono-blocked”  pushing its overall power and longevity even further.

Along with many others HI-FI News & Record review magazine use Devialet amplification as their Reference amplification.

DEVIALET 200 is on demonstration and in stock at €6990ea



Integrated Valve Amplifiers




One of China’s oldest most respected valve amplifier manufacturer Cayin as an OEM manufacturer  are makers of some of the world’s most highly regarded and expensive valve amplifiers – on the other hand Cayin amplifiers offer astonishing value for money.



Take the entry level MT12N for example; this compact package uses the highly regarded EL34 output valve to produce a modest 9 watts per channel – on paper!

In reality providing your speakers are reasonably sensitive the MT12N goes loud enough for most while retaining that unique valve sound.


Like all Cayin amplifiers this amp uses point to point hard wiring and a high quality Alps Japanese volume control .

CAYIN MT12N now on demonstration and in stock at only €799



The CAYIN MT34L uses the old reliable EL34 output valve and puts out 32 watts per channel into 8 ohms providing that extra grip and control over the M12N, again the same point to point wiring is used and like all Cayin amplifiers only the best components are used – making this like all Cayin products very reliable.

CAYIN MT34L is on demonstration and in stock at €1199



Cayin’s MA80 also uses EL34’s as output valves putting out 35 watts per channel in Ultralinear operation but also allows the listener to select pure Triode operation providing an even smoother sound at the lower output of 18 watts per channel.

CAYIN MA80 on demonstration and in stock at €1599



The Cayin CS55A is a 40 watt per channel Ultralinear amplifier featuring switchable Triode operation as well – providing 22 watts per channel in this mode.

In addition to the usual line inputs the 55A features a high quality phono stage and an on board high quality Dac with USB input.

Like all Cayin amplifiers the 55A is very well made – whisper quiet in operation and unbeatable value.

CAYIN 55A available for €1995




Jadis amplifiers are something of a legend-  hand built in France to the highest standards Jadis amps tend to remain in the hands of their original owners for a very long time – check out our pre-owned website – when did you last see a used Jadis amplifier for sale?


The Jadis Orchestra amplifier has been around for a very long time – for a good reason they sound great are ultra reliable and seem to go on forever.

Built using Jadis own in house output transformers the Orchestra is rated at 40 watts per channel and uses the well proven EL34 output valves which allow it to be used with most speakers. The highly regarded US publication Stereophile have always placed the Orchestra close to the top of their “recommended” components list – high praise indeed!

Jadis Orchestra available at €2299


I35JADIS i35

The i35 is the latest high quality integrated valve amplifier from Jadis,  featuring KT128 valves the i35 puts out 30 watts per channel in pure Class A.

Only the very highest quality components are used and this is the type of amplifier to buy and keep – for good!

Stereophile magazine commented “The i35was just about perfect dramatic peaks sounded easy and human. Absolutely lovely”

Further comments included “The Jadis sounded magnificent with Lovro Von Matacic and the Czech Philharmonics peerless recording of Bruckner’s Symphony number 5”

The i35 is built to the highest standards as you would expect.

JADIS i35 available at €6995





Lavardin amplifiers are made in a town called Fondettes near the city of Tour in the beautiful Loire Valley in France.


The original Lavardin IT amplifier appeared some years ago and soon became firmly established as a class leader – at the time Lavardin claimed their amplifiers were different to other transistor designs as they did not suffer from “memory distortion” than was present in all the others  – whatever Lavardin do design wise, it works because their amps sound uniquely different and better than most.

I recall a customer in Cork – a big Naim Audio fan listened to a Lavardin IT at a friend’s house – on returning home Eddie sold his Naim 52 Pre amp, multiple  Power supplies and 135 Monoblocs (which cost about 3 times the cost of the Lavardin) and bought an IT – which he is still using to this day,  Lavardin amplifiers are like that – once heard little else will do.

LAVARiSLavardin IS

The Lavardin IS is Lavardin’s entry level amplifier with a power output of 40 watts per channel and line inputs – an optional phono board is available.  The IS Reference is an upgraded better sounding version and can also be fitted with phono board for vinyl replay.

The Lavardin IT remains the company’s core model and puts out 50 watts per channel which in the real world is more than adequate for use with the majority of speakers. This model is followed by the IT15 which sonically goes up several notches – here is an amplifier than will take on anything and usually comes out on top.

The interesting thing about Lavardin amplifiers is that heard in isolation every sound’s superb – and only when compared with each other are the improvements apparent as you move up the range.


LAVARDIN iS   available at €2395 (Optional phono board €500)

LAVARDIN Is  (upgraded iS) available at €3570

LAVARDIN IT is available at €6399

LAVARDIN IT 15 is available at €10,290




Need lots of real power plus massive drive coupled with a refined mature sound – the John Curl designed HALO does all that and lots more.

Designed by the John Curl – one of audio’s music legends, for many years JC worked as amplifier designer for some of America’s top audio companies including Mark Levinson, John was also responsible for the Vendetta Research phono stage – for many the finest phono pre amp ever designed, it is also interesting to note our Michael when in the USA recently took a customer to Dave Wilson’s house – yes, The Dave Wilson!  Micheal was interested to see Dave was using Parasound amplification and not some massively priced exotic kit,  in the words of Dave ” Parasound sounds really good, offers amazing value for money and is bulletproof – that’s why the likes of Pixar and Disney use Parasound”

Nowadays John works for Parasound and the Halo is a perfect example of just what he can do with 160 watt per channel into 8 ohms and 2x 240 into 4 ohms this is one seriously powerful amp, but it is also refined having a slightly dark sound, but not at the expense of detail, and comes with an on board high quality Dac and excellent phono stage – as one would expect!



PARASOUND HALO available at €2999

This list covers a good selection of amplification usually on demonstration and in stock and if for any reason we do not have an individual item you need to hear- this can usually be arranged within a short time.


If nothing on this list takes your fancy, we might change our hobby to something like…Photography!