New 600 series 2 speakers from B&W

April 19th, 2014


Bowers & Wilkins recently launched their all new 600 Series 2 range of speakers. When Bowers & Wilkins bring out a new product range you can be sure of one thing – new products will be better than the previous model range. The new 600 S/2 range are massively improved on what went before with a unique decoupled double dome tweeter,  improved mid/ bass driver, better crossovers and higher quality cabinets. All models in the new range are more compact and better looking than the older models.


Right in the middle of the new 600 S/2 series is the new 685 S/2. Those familiar with the previous 685 will know it was an outstanding loudspeaker which gained many five star reviews worldwide. In fact, in one magazine blind test of speakers costing around £2000/pair placed the 685 in the top category – despite the fact it cost less than £500/pair – being a blind test the reviewers did not know the identity of the speakers on test!

Last month “What Hi-Fi “ magazine reviewed the new 685 s/2 awarding it five stars  and were amazed at just how good it sounded. Now in the May edition of the same magazine they have conducted a group test of six of the latest mid priced stand mounted speakers from Kef, Dali, Elac, Monitor Audio and PSB.  The clear winner was the new 685s/2 with the comment “no others here come close to being such strong all rounders – at the same time being amongst the least expensive of the speakers on test”.

At £500/pr (approx. €629) this speaker is exceptional value for money.