High-End Hi-Fi Components

High-End Hi-Fi

The very best hi-fi is more than just a matter of plug and play. There are literally thousands of products out there which claim extraordinary performance, but only a select few actually deliver. And it’s not just about the individual components: it’s all about systems.

The best way to lose a small fortune on hi-fi is to attempt to assemble a system purely from magazine “best buys”. And at the higher end the risk is even bigger since high end hi-fi is necessarily revealing and will magnify mismatches between components in the final sound.

Classe CP 800 and CA 2300

Classe CP-800 and CA-2300

The CP-800 Stereo Preamp/Processor combines the functionality of a conventional analog preamplifier with that of a multi-input DAC. Here is is matched with CA-2300 two-channel amplifier.

Devialet Stereo Amplifiers

Devialet Stereo Amplifiers

Every new release from Devialet builds on the sucess of its predecessors and often re-defines what is possible in the world of stereo reproduction. In 2014, Devialet reinvented your speakers with its breakthrough Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology. Devialet created the first amplifier which adapts the signal to the speakers. Your speakers can now reveal the full extent of their potential.

Naim NDX streamer

Naim NDX streamer

If sound quality is your priority the NDX has to be the high-end media player of choice.

What Hi-Fi
Jadis i 35 integrated amplifier

Jadis i-35 integrated amplifier

During its time in my system, the I-35 delivered every bit of the presence, tone, and texture that I would hope to hear from a contemporary tube amplifier: no small feat in itself. Yet looking back on my listening notes of the past couple of months, I see that most of my observations have more than usual to do with music, and less to do with sound, per se: a good sign.

Stereophile Review
Clearaudio Innovation turnatble

Clearaudio Innovation turnatble

High end heavyweight vinyl spinner with superlative levels of details. Never flusered, it cuts to the musical choice in a charecteristically Teutinic fuss-free way. (Hi-Fi World)

Nordost Valhalla Reference Speaker cables

Nordost Valhalla Reference Speaker Cable

To sum up the improvements from the Valhalla 1 to the Valhalla 2 that I heard, it seemed the new cables brought out more inner-detail to the instruments, added spaciousness to the soundstage, and eased and sweetened the highs.

Stereophile test
Naim Statement Amplifier

Naim Statement Amplifier

…But nothing in the company’s history prepared me for the Naim Statement six-piece preamplifier/twin monoblock system that made its debut at CES… It comprises of the NAC S1 line preamplifier and two NAP S1 power amplifiers, will be priced at $200,000 and is specified as delivering one horsepower (740W) into 8 ohms! Its weight matches its power: the preamp weighs 135 lbs and the power amplifiers each weigh 222 lbs. (Stereophile)

Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable

Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable

Although it lacks the Statement’s ‘pendulum’ chassis system, this model embodies the rest of Clearaudio’s signature technical advances, yet is easy to set up and use, with or without the rather expensive stand. Either way it seems that the special bearing and drive system do give it a sound with exceptional detail retrieval, as well as a stable, neutral and open quality. (HiFi News)

Nordost Interconnects

Nordost Interconnects

Nordost interconnects are models of elegant engineering.

Silver-plated, OFC solid-core conductors
Superior FEP dielectric
Exceptional cross-sectional precision
Woven shield of silver-plated copper

Every Nordost interconnect is a carefully studied exercise in high-performance minimalism, form focused unerringly on function.

Copland CTA506 power amplifier

Copland CTA506 power amplifier

The CTA506 power plant is based on the KT120 power valves. These valves are a new variant of the legendary 6550 / KT88 power valves.