Pre-Owned & Ex-Demo deals

On this page you’ll find details of our latest stock of pre-owned and ex-demonstration products. A wide range of speakers, amplifiers, CD/DVD players and even quality cables are all regularly featured here. Most of the products were sold by us originally and have returned to us as customers upgrade. Modern Hi-Fi and AV equipment is extremely reliable and has a long service life, so the products listed here offer a great opportunity to develop your system at an extremely good price or you can even build a complete system from scratch!

Our pre-owned stock changes very regularly, so please contact us to enquire about any of the products featured here.

Nordost Valhalla2 Dig XLR €3995.00 €1495.00
Nordost White Lightning interconnect €189.00 €99.00
Nordost Solar Wind interconnect €249.00 €99.00
Nordost Blue Heaven 1mtr interconnects €299.00 €149.00
Nordost Blue Heaven. 3mtr bi-wire speaker cable N/A €349.00
Cayin LA34 integrated valve amp. ex dem €1399.00 €999.00
Kef Reference 104 N/A €299.00
Classe CA2100 Powe Amp €3995.00 €1695.00
Nordost Thor €1995.00 €995.00
Arcam Alpha 9 cd player €999.00 €250.00
Paradigm Sub 2. mint condition €10995.00 €3995.00
Kharma Exquisite Mini. Signature €45995.00 €19995.00
Castle Avon 5 N/A €1295.00
Quad 989. reconditioned N/A €2495.00
Copland CTA 825 CD player €4795.00 2495.00
Linn LP12. Fully restored. est pwr supply N/A €1995.00
REL G1 MkII, Ex-Demo €3995.00 €2795.00
B&W HTM4 Diamond. Rosenut. mint cond. €2395.00 €1395.00
AYRE DX-7. Transport €7995.00 €1495.00
Conrad Johnson ET3 Pre Amp with Phono fitted. like new €4995.00 €2395.00
Conrad Johnson MF80 Power amp N/A €650.0
Lindemann Musicbook M20 ex dem €3500.00 €2395.00
Lindemann Musicbook 50 €1800.00 €1295.00
B&W CM7 Wenge €1299.00 €699.00
PS Audio PerfectWave Transport. mint boxed €7395.00 €3495.00
Naim SBL Walnut Mint Cond with boxes N/A €995.00
B&W 802D Rosenut. mint. boxes €12495.00 €6495.00
Martin Logan Summit Electrostatic (Mint) N/A €4995.00