Experience the Arcam Solo Music

May 6th, 2016


The new Arcam Solo Music

A decade ago Arcam launched their highly successful Arcam Solo Music which went on to be one of our biggest selling products over the past 50 years.
What was the secret of that success?
Arcam’s simple yet revolutionary design of the Solo offered something to both music lovers & audiophiles : heretofore sound quality which required three separate devices (amplifier, CD player & radio tuner) reimagined into one single elegant unit. The new owner just needed to add a pair of good quality speakers and that was it!

Building on that innovative concept Arcam’s new Solo Music brings that iconic styling and quality which original Solo was famous for – plus a lot more for the modern audience!

Featuring the latest Class G amplification the new Solo brings a level of sound quality unheard of in its class: an impressive 80 watts per channel using 8 ohm speakers and 125 watts using 4 ohm speakers.

In simple terms this means music is reproduced with stunning realism without the messy clutter.

Additionally the Solo has an integrated CD player which supports both CD & SACD playback, along with the customary FM/DAB radio tuner. Built in Bluetooth aptX facility gives you the ability to connect a Smartphone, iPAD or any Bluetooth equipped device so you can listen to worldwide Internet radio (including BBC) or songs stored on your phone/pad.

In fact it has several digital inputs plus four HDMI’s so your TV/DVD/BLU Ray/Sky Box can be played through the Solo, making it the most versatile stereo on the market to date!

The New Arcam Solo sells for a very reasonable €1699


  • Continuous power output 2 channels driven, 1kHz, 0.2% THD (8Ω/4Ω) 80W/125W Residual noise & hum (A-wtd) 300µV
  • Frequency response 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.1dB
  • Headphone output Maximum output level into 32Ω 2.5Vrms Output impedance 1Ω
  • Video HDMI In/Out supported formats 4K2K (24/30Hz), 1080p (50/60Hz), 1080i (50/60Hz), 720p (50/60Hz), 480p/576p, 480i/576i

Digital interfaces

  • USB USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s)
  • Network 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX
  • S/PDIF Optical 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • S/PDIF Coaxial 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz
  • Bluetooth SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-L



As special offer we have put together a complete system comprising of the Solo Music and a pair of System Audio Saxo 30 speakers in Piano Black (usually €899pr) for just €2199 – saving you €399 included in that system are free high quality speaker cables plus home delivery including set up!

The System Audio Saxo 30 speakers (hailing from Denmark) will easily fit in almost any room being very slim and elegant – only 30cm wide (about the width of a CD box) These floor standing speakers are highly compact but sound really well balanced.

Simply put the Solo Music is always operating at its best with the System Audio Saxo 30 speakers and in many respects the perfect hi-fi system for music lovers more interested in the music than the system in use. This hi-fi system will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles
Drop in, bring your own music and hear for yourself just how good the new Arcam Solo Music truly is!

Total system price usually €2598.00Special Offer Price just €2199.00 – save €399!