Multiroom Audio



Established in 1967 in Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA, Russound designs and manufactures innovative audio products that sound great, are easy to install, simple to use, and that offer great value for money. Russound produces a complete range of multiroom audio systems, source equipment, volume controls, amplifiers, loudspeakers and intercom systems to customers all around the World. Their products are the finest of their kind, and the company is dedicated to providing their customers with great products, service and support.

Russound is suitable for many installations and will allow the end user to access their music in a number of different ways, it is important to us at Cloney Audio to sit and discuss with you what your needs might be and to design a system for you that really suits your lifestyle. Popular sources for our Russound systems are listed below:

  • Russound DMS3.1¬†Digital Media Streamer provides network-based digital music to your multiroom system. As an Apple Certified AirPlay accessory, audio content can be sent to the DMS-3.1 from computers using iTunes, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Traditional FM tuner – Still the best way to enjoy local radio stations!
  • Sonos – Liberate the music stored on your computer or NAS drive as well as access thousands of internet radio stations and Spotify
  • Bluetooth – a great way to share music from your phone directly to your music system without the need for a dock, compatible with all phones (iPhone / Android / Nokia / Blackberry are all welcome!)

Because a Russound system will accept an input from pretty much any type of source (For example: CD, FM Tuner, Apple Airplay, Sonos, Squeezebox, Sky etc) your system can evolve as you discover new ways to enjoy music.

In addition to all of this Russound can be integrated with Control 4 to provide the ultimate home entertainment solution – Talk to Michael for more information on how we can help to provide you with a simple interface to control your heating, hot water, music, tv, security and many more services you rely on every day.